“Success comes to those with the ability to go from failure to failure without losing their enthusiasm”


Read the code as natural language

#Define: Governance [North Star: Policies and processes by which we can make sure we are on course: Confirming the vessel we have is the right one: Becoming better ancestors ]

#Define: Ethical_Dilemma [any delta between what we are doing and what we have said or agreed we will do ]

#Define: Judgement [wicked complexity requiring decision skills about a choice with unknown consequence as the is insufficient data]

#Define: Our_Focus [mentoring, support, opinion, coaching or advice]

#Define: Stage [on the s-curve]

#Define: Purpose [how to make better decisions with data and be a better ancestor]

#Define: Hurdle [AND(have, understand) "passion"]

#Define: Contact [schedule]

*/ execute */

RUN Forever()

Our_Focus = OR (Governance, Ethical_Dilemma, Judgement );

DAY = 0;

IF Our_Focus = #your_intention

WHILST AND (Purpose, Hurdle, Stage ) = TRUE ;

PRINT “take action and schedule an initial call" ;

ACTION "setup a call"


PRINT “here is a free masterclass course to start you on better decisions”;



AND (Response <= DAY+10, Non.Disclosure.Agreement = Not.Required);

PRINT “Please be patient, we do respond”;

Response = Response + DAY;


END (when delivered)