“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

winston churchill

Read the code!

#Define: Identity [how your data defines you and how you define your data, self-soverign identity, trust, privacy, security ]

#Define: FinTech [ technology that has an impact on or in the finance, financial or insurance industry inc blockchain and crypto]

#Define: Hardware [ has a physical intelligent component or product as part of the overall offer including IOT, VR, AR ]

#Define: Intention [ you are seeking advise or investment ]

#Define: Stage you_are_an_early_stage_growth_business

#Define: Purpose to_raise_angel_or_seed _capital

#Define: Hurdle you_have_and_understand_passion

#Define: Contact see below

Void Forever()

Our_Focus = OR (Identity, FinTech, Hardware );

Will_Consider = OR( ICO, AI, ML);

DAY = 0;

IF Intention = Our_Focus;

WHILST AND ( Purpose, Hurdle, Stage ) = TRUE ;

PRINT “Please send an intro and summary to ” Contact ";


PRINT “Thank you but sorry as Assumption is not our focus”;



AND (Response <= DAY+10, Non.Disclosure.Agreement = Not.Required);

PRINT “Please be patient, we do respond”;

Response = Response + DAY;







Lubna is an internationally known executive, systems designer and industry expert recognized for her unique blend of foresight and delivery in high growth markets. As a futurist who inspires new thinking and disruptive business models, she created and writes about the Allternet -a visionary manifesto. Her industry positions include founding Secretary of the Open Trust Protocol Alliance , Co-chair of the prpl Foundation Marketing Council and AIOTI member representative. Her board and advisory experiences include MusicTechFest, AEC Hackathon, NYC Seed Fund, Springboard Enterprises, and is a Visiting Scholar at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. She is also co-founder of Futuristas, and is driven by the desire to create a transparent, agnostic and symbiotic economy.

Tony is a seasoned executive board director with over 25 years of experience in innovation and high growth. His professional life has cut across a diverse range of sectors including venture capital, health, telecoms, finance, media, sport, manufacturing, government and digital fabrication.

In addition to speaking at over 200 events and conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship, digital trends and early stage growth, he has authored and published three books. He is a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for entrepreneurship and innovation, The EIR at Bradford School of Management and Law, and an EC expert for Big Data.